About the Languages

Learning languages in addition to English extends student’s literacy repertoires and their capacity to communicate. It strengthens student’s understanding of the nature of language, culture, and the processes of communication.

All students, from Foundation to Year 6, at Carraragarmungee Primary School participate in Italian classes fortnightly. These lessons involve Communicating in Italian, Intercultural Knowledge as well as Language Awareness.


Students acquire communication skills in Italian. They develop understanding about the role of language and culture in communication. Their reflections on language use and language learning are applied in other learning contexts.

Learning languages broadens students’ horizons about the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The interdependence of countries and communities requires people to negotiate experiences and meanings across languages and cultures. A bilingual or plurilingual capability is the norm in most parts of the world.

Learning languages:

  • contributes to the strengthening of the community’s social, economic and international development capabilities
  • extends literacy repertoires  and the capacity to communicate; strengthens understanding of the nature of language, of culture, and of the processes of communication
  • develops intercultural capability, including  understanding of and respect for diversity and difference, and an openness to different experiences and perspectives
  • develops understanding of how culture shapes and extends learners’ understanding of themselves, their own heritage, values, beliefs, culture and identity
  • strengthens intellectual, analytical and reflective capabilities, and enhances creative and critical thinking.


The Languages curriculum aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure that students:

  • communicate in the language they are learning
  • understand the relationship between language, culture and learning
  • develop intercultural capabilities
  • understand themselves as communicators.

All our students are involved in cultural experiences, games and greetings and this is linked to our cooking sessions as part of the CarraEverton Program when we visit Everton Primary School on a fortnightly basis. Students at Carraragarmungee Primary School are exposed to both cultural and language activities in every lesson. Lessons usually consists of:

  • Italian greetings
  • Italian Songs
  • A reading/writing activity based on the theme being covered for the term.

The teacher attempts to speak in Italian as much as possible during these lessons to enable the students to become comfortable with the language.